It all began back in 2016 when Andy Ure had an idea to bring a premium drinks events out of the big cities into the Falkirk area.

The first Falkirk Whisky Festival held at Dobbie Hall in Larbert

Falkirk has a long history with whisky being one of the hubs for Lowland Whisky with the Rosebank Distillery, it is due to re-open in 2020 having been closed for over 25 years. Something we which we are greatly looking forward to.

Andy was heavily involved in the music scene from the early 2000s and when his family came along he took a step back. The craving for events and the buzz of of show day never went away though and thus the Falkirk Whisky Festival was born.

One of the many exhibitors at the Falkirk Whisky Festival

The first event attracted over 500 people from near and far. Realising there was a thirst for something like this in the area the Falkirk Gin Festival begun the very next year at the same venue – Dobbie Hall

The First Falkirk Gin Festival
The First Falkirk Gin Festival

These were quickly rebranded into the Whisky and Gin Socials and the rest as they say is history